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    Financial Services

    Is relationship banking still alive or is it merely a pipe dream? Bring back loyalty and increase card spend and share of wallet.

    Banks and card issuers have been at the forefront of the loyalty explosion. Proprietary bankcard programs, co-branded portfolios, and PLCC are now accompanied by multi-tender loyalty initiatives. Despite these successes there are significant headwinds that banks face. Trust is at an all-time low. The Durbin Amendment made debit card rewards programs challenging to manage if not all together obsolete. With the proliferation of maturing, competing products, how do banks and issuers compete?

    After 20 years of experience working with financial services institutions, Kobie knows how to deliver customer connection and increased engagement in an age when financial services firms are forced to overcome nearly impassable obstacles. We’ve successfully transitioned, managed, and enhanced customer loyalty rewards programs for some of the largest banks and top financial brands in the United States and the world.

    Build deeper customer relationships, reduce churn, and achieve competitive differentiation through strong data infrastructure, flexible merchandise redemption options and promotions. Gain visibility into customer behavior that brings back the relationship, the banking world has been sorely missing.

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