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  • Lifestyle & Consumer Packaged Goods

    Lifestyle & Consumer Packaged Goods

    Your brand needs champions. Advocates who don’t just love your products but the entire vision and mission you’re trying to support. But do you know who they are? If so, are you engaging them with a combination of hard and soft benefits? In most cases, your customers may have a direct relationship with the retailer, making it more difficult to develop and run a traditional points and rewards program for your brand. Enter: Kobie.

    Lifestyle and CPG brands are challenged to create innovative ways to engage consumers. Your program should focus on building loyalty and advocacy by providing added value, incentivizing desired behaviors, engaging customers and driving incremental revenue using content, recognition, access to information, unique experiences and targeted, data-based offers with personal relevance and value.

    We can help.

    Kobie approaches lifestyle and CPG brands with a unique set of management solutions that make every loyalty program a point of differentiation. In fact, Kobie Alchemy®, our proprietary technology platform, offers a flexible infrastructure that can be modified to accommodate your individual needs.

    We consistently find ways to engage customers and build excitement around your rewards program. That means your brand will stay fresh and relevant to your target audience. You’ll capture and convert consumers into not just one- or two-time purchasers but into loyal brand advocates. Together, we can enhance the user experience and change the landscape of your business by implementing dynamic tools and solutions utilizing data that is captured across social media, games, devices and by tracking personal behaviors. Let us help you make that happen.

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