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    The world is in a health crisis, and you have the idea to help. Or your lifestyle brand isn’t engaging your brand champions the way they expect. Bring your loyalty program back to life and get your best customers engaged, refreshed and rewarded. And do it in real time. Enter: Kobie.

    Dreams and ideas of brands looking to make everyone’s life a little better often fall short when the data and behaviors are stuck in the world of analytics. Taking real insight and bringing them to life also often requires a platform that can do things in real time, on the go. Everyone knows lifestyle brands are challenged to create innovative ways to engage consumers and must offer a robust partner network.

    Kobie approaches lifestyle brands with a unique set of loyalty management solutions that make every loyalty program a point of differentiation for the client. In fact, Kobie Alchemy®, our proprietary loyalty technology platform offers a flexible infrastructure that can be modified to accommodate the individual needs of the client and their partners. Alchemy® offers seamless web service integration (POS, online, mobile, social, tablets, other channels) and scalability using SHARDs. The SHARD model allows Kobie to process and decision large amounts of data effectively with rapid response times.

    Kobie consistently finds ways to engage customers and build excitement around the rewards program that allow it to stay fresh and relevant to your target audience. Capture and convert consumers into brand advocates, enhance the user experience, and change the landscape of your business by implementing dynamic tools and solutions utilizing data that is captured across social media, games, devices, and tracking personal behaviors.

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