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    Is your customer thinking of jumping ship at their contract end date? It’s almost as if saying loyalty and telecom in the same phrase is impossible. At least it was, until Kobie created measurable retention strategies that help you identify high-risk, high-value customers.

    The competitive nature of, and increasing market saturation in the telecomm industry makes delivering a meaningful customer experience a real point of differentiation for the companies that deliver it. People are bailing on one provider in search of more value and incentives from another. Historically, it’s been one of the most un-loyal market segments of any industry – thus the locked-in contracts. But we know how to combat that trend and improve your image.

    Kobie will help you expand your value proposition, identify your most valued customers and increase program visibility through loyalty management, measurable retention strategies, unique incentives and relevant communications. The result? Decreased churn, increased retention and you becoming a corporate hero.

    Kobie offers decades of loyalty management expertise in customer acquisition and retention strategies in the enterprise and consumer telecomm markets. We’ve worked closely with telecommunications companies to implement end-to-end strategies that have a direct and measurable impact on performance. It’s time to have your people call ours.

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