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    Consumers perceive that every loyalty program is created equal. We know better, but understand that perception is reality. We say shift perception while delivering more airline revenue and improved hotel occupancy.

    Now more than ever airlines can maximize ancillary revenues by selling miles at a profit. Kobie leverages an extensive partner network and creates new in-store partnerships that provide market differentiation. Our competitive benchmarking allows us to see where you may be leaving money on the table, and helps you find new ways to offset liability and realize your ancillary revenue potential.

    Hotels know that there is about $16 billion dollars of hotel points liability currently; saturation is here. Connecting the dots between guest satisfaction and your own financial performance has to become your focus. Kobie’s Omnichannel loyalty approach is key to increased customer satisfaction and incremental spend. Managed properly, hotels should achieve lower distribution costs and increased occupancy by simply increasing engagements and truly rewarding members.

    For airlines and hotels we expect you to gain more and new revenue streams, improve customer centricity, utilize data analyses, and measure results by improving program constructs, leveraging omnichannel integration, and optimizing touch points in the customer experience. Also, delivering the right partners to the table helps with earn, burn and true satisfaction.

    For over 20 years, Kobie has worked with some of the world’s most respected airlines, cruise lines and hotel brands to acquire, engage, grow, and retain customers.

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