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"If I was any better I couldn’t stand it!"
- My Grandfather

Nathan Tuttle

Nathan Tuttle QA Lead

Nathan is a QA Lead at Kobie Marketing. He has five years of experience in QA, including Functional Testing, Frontend/Backend Testing, Automation Testing, Integration Testing, and Regression Testing. He developed an interest in QA after being introduced to the position at his last job.

He played a significant role as a Sr. Desktop Support Specialist where his previous company found that his extensive business knowledge made him the perfect candidate for an open Lead QA position. Prior to joining Kobie Marketing, Nathan worked as Lead QA at MyUS.com for three years. Nathan holds an Engineering degree from the University of South Florida.

Nathan enjoys spending time with friends and family, fixing things, playing sports and watching movies.

What are your hidden talents?
I like to dance for recreation but I have been told I dance pretty fly for a white guy. I also play a little piano, which shocks people when they see me play because it is so unexpected.