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Groundbreaking Research Reveals Secret to Building a Customer Centric Company

St. Petersburg, FL (June 14, 2010) – Kobie Marketing, a leading loyalty marketing agency, today announced plans to release its latest research findings on Customer Experience. Detailing a plan to help retailers, banks, and telecommunication providers measure and improve the customer experience, “Implementing and Measuring a Customer Centricity Framework” offers companies a revealing look into their data management practices and provides them with a framework to build a more customer centric organization.
The research features a user-friendly diagnostic tool to help companies determine their level of customer experience best practice adoption and will help them implement best practices that will resonate with customers in challenging times.
Said Carlos Dunlap, Director of Kobie’s Consulting Practice, “We’re very excited to announce the results of our latest research. An exceptional group of thought leaders examined factors that contribute to an outstanding customer experience and developed a roadmap to help organizations truly become customer centric across all touch points. Our research will be critical in helping us to design and deliver a customer experience that truly engages our clients’ customers.”
“Implementing and Measuring a Customer Centricity Framework,” a white paper by Kobie Marketing, is available free of charge by clicking here. Michael Hemsey – President of Kobie Marketing, along with Carlos Dunlap – Director of Loyalty Consulting, presented the research at a recent series of loyalty marketing and retail conferences.
Starting with the 22nd Annual Card Forum and Expo in May, CRMC, and Loyalty Expo in June, they discussed how America’s top retailers and banks, including MasterCard, Sears, Barclaycard, American Express, AMC, Proctor & Gamble, and Best Buy, can learn how to overcome barriers to poor customer experiences and excel in a tough macroeconomic environment by examining factors, such as organizational, data, IT, and marketing readiness.
“The opportunity to collaborate with our research team to help our clients become more customer focused is an exciting one,” said Michael Hemsey, President of Kobie Marketing. “Helping our clients deliver the best customer experience possible is an honor and a privilege.”
The white paper represents a comprehensive effort across industries to develop a diagnostic tool and action plan to help organizations improve the customer experience.

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